Business analist
As Business Analyst you are responsible for specific systems and/or business processes.
  • Your focus is the support of these systems and the successful introduction of any changes to these systems, along with managing small to medium sized ICT projects.
  • You combine knowledge of specific applications with analytical and project management skills.
  • You may perform specific roles on large ICT projects under the guidance of an ICT Lead Business Analyst.

  • Liaises with the key users of the systems/processes concerned and act as a sounding board/first point of contact for new change requests.
  • Based on analysis of the Genba, propose improvements to current practices/processes and their related (ICT) systems.
  • Ensure that business requirements from all stakeholders are correctly documented and together with the key user decides which of those requirements are in/out of scope of the project/change.
  • Analyse and interpret business goals, rules, processes and requirements in order to arrive at the functional requirements of the projects/changes to be implemented, using formal business process modelling and requirements engineering techniques.
  • Accurately describe the functional requirements in sufficient detail such that an ICT (lead) software engineer or ICT vendor can develop or propose technical solutions to meet the requirements and estimate delivery time and cost.
  • Create a traceability matrix for matching business requirements to functional requirements and monitor the delivery of requirements.
  • Define the non-functional requirements for new systems being developed (i.e. performance, scalability, security, usability, availability …) based on business expectations, ICT security policies and compliance (e.g. SOX) requirements.
  • Investigate and propose the most appropriate technical solution to meet these requirements and achieve the project /change goals, looking within the current EUICT architectural framework as the first option.
  • Create formalized project plans and budgets, control mechanisms (e.g issue log, how to handle changes in scope, schedule & cost) and reporting to ensure delivery of the project within SLQDC targets. Blend awareness of formal project management methodologies and toolkits (PrinceII, PMBOK…) with knowledge of the specific project and business area to arrive at a “right sized” approach per project. 
  • Evaluate business and ICT risks associated with the change/project and develop measures to mitigate risks.
  • Ensure everyone involved in implementing the change and impacted by it understands their roles and responsibilities.
  • Perform ICT integration testing and coordinate business user acceptance testing of changes to ensure that the correct functioning of the change has been validated.
  • Provide post-implementation support for projects/changes. Ensure adequate knowledge transfer within ICT and to business users.
  • Performs a formal project closure, reporting on the requirements met, final result in terms of SLQDC, and together with the project sponsor evaluates the status of achieving the business goals.
  • Acts as second line support for incidents, requests and problems on the systems concerned and strives to resolve within SLA targets.

Profile requirements: 
  • Professional bachelor in business administration, computer science or information technology,
  • Procedural knowledge: Project management methodologies (e.g. Prince 2) & software development methodologies (e.g. waterfall, agile…), business process modelling techniques.
  • Technical Knowledge: wide and general appreciation of ICT technologies and trends.
  • Complex problem solving, critical thinking, judgment and decision making, coordination, motivation & negotiation, 
  • Open-minded, constructive, initiative, pro-active, independent & autonomous, service orientation
  •  Languages: English and Dutch 
Business analist
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