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The company

Domain Performance Watch is responsible for:
- Translating objectives to KPI's.
- Provide solutions to the other partners in order to measure & monitor the group and employees performance; and to benchmark against the market and take corrective actions.

We could summarise it by saying that it's related to "BI" activities: capturing data and transform it into information / insights by using the appropriated tool (including Data Analytics).

The Business Architect supports the Partner(s) in translating his strategy and vision into a solution architecture and in making well-founded decisions about the introduction of new or improvements to existing processes and technologies. The Business Architect also provides the project co-workers with a clear framework for realising the business solution that fits in with the strategy and vision of the Partner(s).

The function

As Business Architect, you have 2 core roles: “Business Advisor” and “Project Business Architect”. A Business Architect has to have an excellent knowledge of his or her Business Partner(s) and the domain he or she supports. The methodology knowledge is linked to the expected craftsmanship of the different roles.

In this context, your are able to:

  • Work in conformity with the values and mission of our company
  • Analyse the connections between the different elements of a complex given and think more in term of objectives than solutions; but also able to recognise the critical issues that need to be analysed more thoroughly.
  • Form a point of view by making abstraction from a complex situation and data.
  • Actively look for the optimisation of services and products with other people.
  •  Able to take stand, to dares and to challenge with respect, argue clearly to have an impact
  • Apply the appropriate persuasion techniques and questions so that everybody can discover the added value.
  • Make decision on complex matters and formulate it.
  • Collaborate on the elaboration of an overall step-by-step plan and challenge the PM to reach it.
  • Look broadly, “out-of-the-box” with a critical sense for solution.
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